Design & build works

Turning Visions in to a Reality

The future of a project and its success hinges on its very earliest stages even before any work commences. With a vision and expert guidance, a vision and an idea can be turned in to a successful project. We at Advent have used our many years of expertise to turn numerous visions in to deliverable and real projects.

From initial project planning and designing, we use our wealth of experience  and worldwide knowledge to ensure that we deliver a final product that is sustainable, time conscious and of the highest quality in every stage of the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) process. Regardless of location, complexity and size, Advent can provide total Design & Build services on par with any and all global standards.

Our featured services:

  • Satellite city planning and development
  • Planned/Gated community development
  • Industrial park development
  • Resort design and construction
  • Organization development