Africa Investment Forum: Dhruv Jog on East Africa’s construction industry outlook

Mr. Dhruv Jog to  CNBC  Africa’s  Chris  Bishop about the opportunities for deal flow offered by the Forum, the interest of North American multinationals in investing in the continent, ..

Advent Construction Ltd has been selected by London Stock Exchange Group as one of the 60 companies out of 4000 to Inspire Africa

Advent Construction: One of Tanzania’s Largest Construction Companies

Your company has built a very diverse portfolio of cutting-edge factories and educational facilities, mining facilities, residential and hospitality facilities, shopping and commercial complexes…



ADVENT Construction Limited was the first construction company in the country to be ISO certified. In what other ways would you say ADVENT is a pioneer in the field?

Advent Construction. 20 Years still strong.

Advent Construction Ltd is one of Tanzania’s largest and most recognised construction companies. With a workforce of over 1000 staff their activities are spread over the country…

Building the Future

Advent Construction Ltd was borne out of a need for reliable and client-oriented construction companies working in Tanzania in the mid-90s, and after identifying this need, Ashutosh Jog founded the firm…

Advent Construction Director Dhruv Jog Discusses His Company’s Fast Success

“Since 2005, we have seen 500 to 600 percent growth — Tanzania’s market has grown incredibly fast,” says Dhruv Jog, Director of the Dar es Salaam based company since 2005…

Exploring trends in E.A’s construction industry

The 15th Edition of the Kenya Economic Update by the World Bank mentioned that housing was “unavailable and unaffordable”. This adds to the piling pressure..

Challenges facing Tanzania’s construction industry

Dhruv Jog, Managing Director of Advent Construction and YPO member explains the current challenges being faced in Tanzania’s construction industry…